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Your Name: Poly_Slight
Item Name + ID + Amount: Beardcutter (retagged Iced Dragonbone Greatsword), #5143, 1x item Enchanted with -- Rune: Piercing Capabilities Iv, Supreme Sharpness IV, Subject P.E. IV, Adv. Mend V, Unbreaking III, Swifter Slashes V, Lifesteal IV, Curse of Possession, Upgraded Potentials (IIRC this is where it was applied ), True Strike, Penetration V, Sweeping Edge III.
Base Coordinates: +1298, -2115 Overworld, +165. -265 Nether side.
Description of Issue: Clearing out nether entrance, sticky mob pulled my sword which had Curse of Possession on it for sure, dropped version appeared to go through portal and it didn't reappear in my hand or inventory anywhere, nor on other side of portal. Just POOF GONE. Attempted to find it if it bugged to the ground somehow via polarized stone on both sides o but nada! This was a very personally hard fought and hard won sword for me, thank you soooo much for your help!!
Screenshots (Optional):Unfortunately this is all I have, nothing stats wise (kicking myself!):


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