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today 2 november 11 2020 i change my account name on tlauncher website Danish420420 to DanishDK then i open rlcraft i streight go in rlcraft server
rl.craftersland.net:25565 then i see my account name not changed i start playing papa online i play for 2 hours i close the game and then pc.when after 10 to 20 min i turn on my pc then  tlancher 
i see my account logout i login again its name changed to DanishDK i open rl craft and when i land in server it says me register and gave me golden shovel and stick
i'm be like WTF.i do everything but cant do any thing i dont know why my account reset in server i just change name from tlauncher website
now papamadong plees do something or give me my inventory things again pleeees thats it.

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