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Hello, I was able to join and play on this server successfully once and ever since, every time I try to join I get Disconnected.

Things I tried were:

  • Changing login timeout settings
  • Reinstalling pack
  • Installing pack in twitch launcher and MultiMC
  • Joining through the hub

None of these seem to work and I'm out of ideas. IGN: cmyk__ (two underscores)

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  • Manager

Since the pack hasn't been updated until it released, i guess you have the correct version of the pack, but make sure you don't have any newer one.

Could you say what message you get when you can't join?

Note: I teleported you to spawn and i moved the creeper pet from your inventory to one of your chests, so you might be able to join now. I went to your base, but i didn't disconnect or crash though.

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