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Refund Request


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Your Name: dawooddogar99
Item Name; 1red dragon egg ,1 stag 5 fire dragon ,1 ice dragon 1 siliver dragon of stag1 and 40 to 46 block of emarald
Base Coordinates: end chast
Description of Issue: when i come in game and then i open my chast to hatch my red dragon egg then i see that my all stuff is remove from end chast 
Screenshots (Optional):2020-11-04_12_15_02.png.46c401ea2977b347ca4bfb278339df72.png

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since you have been banned 22/10/2020 due to violating rule 2 which says that any kind of bug abuse is prohibited, your inventory (including your ender chest) and the claim you were trusted in, was subjected to erasing. 


[2] No Bug Abuse/Exploiting Bugs:

  • 1st offense = 2 day ban.
  • 2nd offense = 7 day ban.
  • 3rd offense = 14 day ban.
  • 4th offense = 28 day ban.

Includes but is not limited to bypassing any punishment, duping, or glitching.
WARNING: If you are caught duping your base will be regenerated.


Because of this, your refund request is denied.



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