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Refund Request


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Name : wfuzzypup


2x dragon bone saber

full emerald fire dragon scale armor

dragon's eye

vitamens bauble

(a few other baubles which I forgot the names of,)

25ish levels of XP

Description: I died, and /back immediantly, and almost everything was gone, there wasn't lava nearby, or mobs, or anything that could have hidden the items, even the XP was gone. 


earlier that day, same thing happened, died, and /back about 3/4 of my stuff was gone, just vanished. I lost iron tools and such due to that, which I don't mind, 

last night, the same thing happened, died, /back immediantly and everything was gone.  That time I lost my first dragon eye, the balloon bauble, a ring which I don't care about, and a bozoar, which I don't care about.


At this point I am really mad because hours of work just vanished. Can I get a refund for the more valuable items, such as the dragon armor, 2x dragon eyes, and the 2x dragon bone sabers, the rest of the stuff would be nice to get back, but I just want the big stuff back. And as for screenshots, I msg in chat when I lost the stuff, so you can check the logs to chat if you want proof. and Yes, I crafted 2 dragon eyes, I still got an extra dragon skull left too. Thank you very much for your time, 





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