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[Refund Request] Zensue


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Your Name: Zensue

Item Name + ID + Amount:  Fire Blood Dragon Rapier (enchanted)
Coordinates: 5799, 44, -33022
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): around 14h GMT
Description of Issue: I just lost one item, my sword. When I was fighting an elder guardian with disarm, they made me drop my flaming dragonbone rapier and upon clearing the room of all the elder guardians my sword was nowhere to be seen. I even have a polarizing stone and I made sure it wasn't on the ground somewhere.

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  • Zensue changed the title to [Item Rollback Request] Zensue
  • Zensue changed the title to [Refund Request] Zensue

I'm not sure I'm remembering all of them, but these were the main ones I can recall

Adv mending
Supreme sharpness V
Advanced looting III
Education III
Rune: Piercing Capabilities III
Lifesteal IV
Atomic deconstructor II
Swifter slashes V
Ancient sword mastery III
Ash Destroyer V

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