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Chunk Loader Plug-in Question

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Hello, I’ve been troubleshooting some things with my friend who is playing on the server while I am offline and I’m curious if this may be the source of the issue. Each account gets 4 iron block+blaze rod chunk loaders to use in the server, in any dimension. Since this is a plug-in, does it require the user to be online to load the desired chunk? I have a little grid power system set up in the nether with lava mills and such for our gp needs in the overworld, but while I’m offline it reads to my friend that there is 0 GP. I’m not sure if this is because of the chunk loader I have in the nether for the gp or if it’s just a gp issue, but this still made me curious enough to ask because that changes a bit if it doesn’t load chunks when the user is offline.


thank you for your help,


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