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[Refund Request]*Cataclysm_Cat*


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Your Name: Cataclysm_Cat
Item Name + ID + Amount: 1 blue ice dragon egg, 2 sapphire ice dragon eggs, 1 white ice dragon egg, 3 silver ice dragon eggs, 3 green fire dragon eggs, 1 red fire dragon egg, 1 golem armor enchanted legs (with curse of possession, advanced mending, advanced protection IV, unbreaking III, agility II), 3 nether stars, 14 full stacks of iron (64 per stack), 9 stacks of black wool (64 per stack), 1 shulker heart, 2 obsidian skulls, 2 full shulker boxes of xp tomes (54 full xp tomes), 2 advanced mending enchant books, 1 dwarf ring, 5 stacks of bottle o'enchantments (64 per stack),10 vote crate keys, 1 legendary vote crate key, 2 1/2 barrels full of glass, 1 medkit head, 4 apple heads, 1 blueberry head, 1 sponge head
Base Coordinates: X 2398, Z 102
Description of Issue: Was just looting like always and when I went to put some dragon eggs I collected away, I noticed I was missing a lot of them....then looking at other chests and found a bunch of stuff missing!  Apparently admsirred did a rollback request on our claim.  We didn't know that a lot of the stuff we collected over the past day would disappear!  This is the list of items I know disappeared. 
Screenshots (Optional): 

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