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Town removal: xHaileyx


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Your Name:  theNeocount
Town Name: unknown
Coordinates of Town:  in screenshot
Town members: unknown town name
Reason for request: I dont want them gone however they have visitors set to 'no' and if they logged on I'd just ask them to join my town....
Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): 



I know technically you cant allow for non raidable town removals however I'd ask that you make an exception. I have Creative and am technologically past the need for their stuff. I'd be upset if I got corona and then overworked because of corona or whatever to find My town had been assimilated. I'd just like their perm toggle changed or the ability to absorb their town so if they log back in all their hardwork is still there.....if not because trolls I get it. Just wanna claim my expansions which unfortunately includes their town.

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Use command /town res xHarleyx, to see what town he in, that way you will know name of the town.
Use command /town spawn (name) to make sure that is correct town.
Use /town info (name) to see ALL residents of that town, then check every resident, if they all offline for a long time, then it's reasonable to ask to remove town.

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