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[Refund Request] Zensue


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Your Name: Zensue
Item Name + ID + Amount:  #5489 and #5491
Description of Issue:  So I found out the hard way that whenever a mob picks up your lycanites mob weapon, after you kill them, they don't drop it back like all the other weapons/tools, and because of the "smart" refill option of the inv tweaks mod, both my grue shovel and geonach spear pickaxe, got dropped because as soon as one was droped, the other one rerfilled the spot automaticaly and was dropped immediately one after the other when fighting a crew of elite mobs with disarm. I'm just asking for a refund of the lvl 3 grue shovel and geonach spear parts because the rest of the tools were lvl 1 easily replaceable parts. This might be a bug you might want to look into? since the lycanites advanced equipments have such weird properties, it messes up the mobs who pickup weapons somehow...

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