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Report: gm1 abuse,grifing


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Hello, I wanted to report the following players: Matix1000, BabelUno_, FearThisGoD, THEYOSEF7, IjustRecktedYou and JPC_Slayer, all these players invaded my house, FearThisGoD broke through the walls and teleported them inside my house, then started putting quartz blocks (my base It is all protected) then I disconnected and when I returned it was all full of quartz, and lava, then FearThisGoD told matix by discord to enter pure survival, and the 3 sponsors began to fill the entire base with lava, I attached the tests:

1- https://imgur.com/gallery/AN5SDbD
2- https://imgur.com/gallery/Cbsgq3g
3- https://imgur.com/gallery/LlIcNgJ

It gave me a lot of helplessness that happened on Monday night, since with my partner @jeremaiso we have been building the base for more than 2 months with sheer effort and spending many hours on the server, I don't know how this type of people is allowed on a server as good as CraftersLANDS is. I would like and would put me in good condition that they make the appeal quickly and the players pay for their fact.

I have no more evidence than that, I hope you do something about it, since I have invested a lot of time in the server, in advance, thank you very much.

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Hello good night guys!

Sorry for the bad time that was put to you, the problem was already solved in the server "All the blocks placed" were removed!

The administration will solve the bug of the blocks as soon as possible, any other anomaly please let it know :D 

Note: The administration will check the summary of the movements made with the // we to see who else is involved..

For obvious reasons the players FearThisGoD and BabelUno_ will be punished!

Note II: The bump is every 2 days.

Topic moved to Server Problems.

Have a nive night!

Topic Closed.

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