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[Block Deletion]Kamiakze


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IGN : kamiakze

claimed by kamiakze

Crashing as soon as we get close to or look at that block, don't know exactly what it is, so here's the log:


-- Entity being rendered --
  Entity Type: openmods:block (openmods.entity.EntityBlock)
  Entity ID: 52612
  Entity Name: entity.Block.name
  Entity's Exact location: 421.50, 55.07, -675.50
  Entity's Block location: World: (421,55,-676), Chunk: (at 5,3,12 in 26,-43; contains blocks 416,0,-688 to 431,255,-673), Region: (0,-2; contains chunks 0,-64 to 31,-33, blocks 0,0,-1024 to 511,255,-513)



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