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[Refund Request] - BreakPointIce


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Your Name: BreakPointIce
Item Name + ID + Amount: Creative Jetpack from Simply Jetpacks 2 + ID: #6667/0 + Amount: 1x
Coordinates: X: -4503 Z:4772 Y:60
Description of Issue: I bought a creative jetpack, which was won through the mystic crate, from GAMERBOYJOEL off the market for $5k, and used it for at least a few weeks. About 3 days ago, it became depleted, apparently as a result of having a battery charging other items in my inventory. It's permanently stuck like this now, even after I removed the battery, and I'm hoping that I can get a refund on the item. If not, that's fine, but it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Also, here's an imgur link for screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ldk3vna



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