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[Complaint] Lews_


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In-Game Nickname: Lew_


Your Nickname (optional):  Bioncalgaming


Time and date:14:09


Description of what happened: Lews_ is fishing for my personal info i've kindly declined to answer him several times and hi then asks for different types of personal information 


Screenshots or Proof: 

[13:55:07] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <Bari> [VIP] Nick: Lews_: how old r u bio
[13:55:12] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <ZFG> [S+]|||||||||||| BionicalGaming: thats for me to know lol

[13:55:43] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <Bari> [VIP] Nick: Lews_: how old r u BionicalGaming

[13:56:20] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <ZFG> [S+]|||||||||||| BionicalGaming: and scroll up to my last 2 replies

[13:56:40] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <Bari> [VIP] Nick: Lews_: Mr. BionicalGaming, can you gently answer the Mr. Lews_ question which's abot your current age_

[13:56:54] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <ZFG> [S+]|||||||||||| BionicalGaming: still the same answer

[13:56:54] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <Bari> [VIP] Nick: Lews_: about*
[13:56:57] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <Bari> [VIP] Nick: Lews_: arghh..
[14:00:02] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <Bari> [VIP] Nick: Lews_: where are you from?

[14:01:44] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <Bari> [VIP] Nick: Lews_: Public IP gives your geo
[14:01:47] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <Bari> [VIP] Nick: Lews_: and as the name says
[14:01:49] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <Bari> [VIP] Nick: Lews_: it is public

the fact that he is persisting on knowing where im from age after ive denied to answer him to say about my geo ip and it being public infomation. 

afew people have said to him he dont want answer and so forth

List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)

CocoManiac , asood , Xigog Kassanka_1234 ,zio_mix

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