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[Refund Request] CptDishonored_


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Your Name: CptDishonored_
Item Name + ID + Amount: A full chest of xp tomes(5357) most of it is full and i think like half of the lower bar is empty tomes.
                                               Enchanted Medikit(4744)|mending(0403)
Base Coordinates: -2620 65 -793
Description of Issue: I was moving items from old base to new base(cuz the old base was laggy as hec) and while i was moving, i lost connection due to server lag and when i log in i lost the chest that i was holding.
                                     i was enchanting the enchanted medikit with mending using an anvil,and i pressed esc by accident, the items are supposed to drop out but i did not see the items any where.

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