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[Complaint] (eckt)


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In-Game Nickname: (One complaining about)

--> Eckt


Time and date:

I spoted this player while he was doing this when I connected on the server today 10/12/2020 around 10PM  (UTC+1)
But the player "Eckt" confirm he was using a dislocator to come inside my base at least 2 days (see printscreen in this link : https://ibb.co/P4KctPT)

Description of what happened: (In chronological order)

This player "Eckt" went deep inside my base by using a glitch doors and saving some spots inside my base with an "Advanded Dislocator" to TP inside everytime I'm offline.
By this way he activated all my spawners to collect drops (and causing server lags by the way as all was activated in same time).
But as I have some Traps inside "my protected area" against players :

  • he fell into one of mine trap
  • lost his stuff
  • and so I have his "Advanced Dislocator" that he lost and this one show the inside spot he saved (see printscreen https://ibb.co/cCZLsBF).


Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)



Thank you.

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  • Manager

Hi again Reaper.


After reviewing all of the information posted above and in another complaint, the only evidence you have shows a player in your base whom you didn’t grant explicit access to. As i’ve mentioned before, if you wish to stop players having access to your claim please setup your claimflags so that players may not enter.

In your screenshots there is no evidence of a player abusing any glitches. This will be hard to prove without them doing it in front of you. If you have proof showing an illegal entry on your claim I would be happy to review it and re-evaluate this complaint. 



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