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Server constantly kicks players.


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I couldn't find a template for issues like these so I'm just going to write down the issue below.

Ever since the server has moved to a new host there has been an issue with players getting constantly disconnected. I've taken it upon myself to see if I could trigger manual disconnects to see if there was any behavior that would lead to it. Below this is a summary of my findings. I've observed this behavior since 09-12-2020 10:30 (UTC+1), as this is the first time I joined after host migration.

* The server will forcefully disconnect you when there's a lot of entities around you which cause lag however the random disconnects are not related to this.

* Every player on the server has issues, it's not limited to a group of people, a country or even a continent.

* Disconnects are totally random, you can DC every minute after logging in or be fine for half an hour, however it will disconnect you sooner or later.

* The actual server crashes are less common since the new host, but the impact of these disconnects are greater than the issue it solved because now we're dealing with issues roughly every 10 minutes (yes, the disconnects are that frequent and I'm sure it's logged).

* It does not have to do with what internet provider, as clarified in paragraph 2.


Of course I've made sure it wasn't my own internet. I can say that it wasn't because there hasn't been any other service disruption apart from the disconnecting in the Ultimate Reloaded Server. The crashes aren't constant and apart from being able to trigger a disconnect with a lot of entities around there hasn't been much consistency about it, there is no fixed interval for the disconnects. I realize this might be a bit of a long read but I hope it helps in trouble shooting the issue.


Kind regards,




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