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Claim Rollback Request (and surrounding area)


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Name: C_L_A

Coordinates: -4192, 85, -132

Time Everything Was Fine: 16:00 GMT -5, December 11 2020

Description: Earlier today several players were spotted wandering near my claims in the island town. They were asked to leave and everything appeared to be fine before I left to explore. Upon returning several areas were burning with what appeared to be scorchfire, mainly outside the claims and the island suffered extensive damage including some on the house of one of my tenants (Terisa_Ma). It seems too big a coincidence but it may be possible the visitors tripped up some mob and didn't clean up, though the fire appeared in multiple separate areas including a few offshore ships. I would like to request if possible for the entire island to be rolled back to the specified time so that I may attempt to expand the claims with livable housing. My claim located on -4344, 71, -34 was not damaged and does not require changes.


https://imgur.com/a/Bvrtk52 (Imgur seems to have mucked up the order again, images without fire are the aftermath.)


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