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[Refund Request] CptDishonored_


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Your Name: CptDishonored_
Item Name + ID + Amount: a shulker box with 7 totems, 6 full xp tomes and 2 empty,swifter slashes 5 book, subject p.e. 4 book, a stack of steak, soul gazer, dragon treat 53.(i got them from erko since i almost died from gorgon)
                                              1 tier 5 dragon statue
                                               Diamond great-sword[MistakesWereMade]| adv mending| supreme sharpness 5| swifter slashes 5| unbreaking 3| adv looting 3| fire aspect 2| subject P.E 4| rune: piercing capabilities 2| atomic destruction 2|
                                               Legendary diamond pickaxe[Silky&Touchy]|mending|adv eff 5| unbreaking 3 | silk touch|
                                               Dragon-boned pickaxe[SpawnerBeGone| adv eff 5| adv mending| versatility| unbreaking 3| 
                                               dragon's eye, 2 ring of regeneration, balloon, stone of the sea, mixed color dragon scale
                                               Masterful White dragon scale boots| adv mending| adv prot 4 | unbreaking 3|adv thorns 3|adv feather falling 4|underwater striders 3| depth striders 3|
                                               Masterful White dragon scale leggings{oozy linered}| adv mending| unbreaking 3| agility 2| adv prot 4|adv thorns 3|
                                               Masterful White dragon scale chestplate{oozy linered}| adv mending| unbreaking 3| adv prot 4| strengthened vitality 5| adv thorns 3|
                                               Masterful White dragon scale helmet| adv mending | adv prot 4 |adv thorns 3| unbreaking 3| respiration 3|
                                               Flamed dragonboned long bow[SpammingDevice]| multishot 3| arrow recovery 3| unbreaking 3| adv power 5|strafe 4| split shot 4| arrow piercing4|supreme flame| combat veterancy 3| rapid fire 2 | adv mending|curse of possesion |
                                               like 2 or 3 stacks of arrows.

Base Coordinates: -3383 109 1567
Description of Issue: i was in raid world, raiding dungeons and killing dragons, when i do /home i noticed that my totem suddenly activated but in the end i still died and cat recognized that bug because he/she also suffer from this bug often.I was testing my newly crafted bow and a fokin magma mob came out of nowhere and stick my bow and drop it into the lava that it spew out and i cant get the bow back cuz it was covered in lava and the restart started at the worst possible timing.  
Screenshots: https://ibb.co/rpCxGyh

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