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[Quest Completion Request]


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In game name: BradleyTd89

Quest-ID: 1216, 1214, 1215

Reason: Crafting peat-fired, clockwork,  and biogas engines not detected

Screenshot:  I have a single screenshot showing the 3 engines in my quick bar, and the questbook open showing the quests as uncompleted.

Each quest was done at 8:03pmEST #1216, 8:28pmEST #1214, and finally at 8:38pmEST #1215


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  • BradleyTd89 changed the title to [Quest Completion Request]

I have been waiting for over 4 days for a SMOD to reply and do the single command to fix my quest problems. 

/bq_admin complete 1214

/bq_admin complete 1215

/bq_admin complete 1216

Still nothing.

Not even a 'sorry for the wait'

What do I need to do to catch you're attention (SMOD's)? 

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