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Still no Response, but now has happened twice. [Inventory Rollback Request] DukeOfTheBLVD

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Name: DukeOfTheBLVD

 Cords: X405  Y-194  Z-795

time/Date:  death 7:41:36 AM 12/16/20 (Central)

Description of Issue:  When I entered (again..) the deep dark, the moment I had used portal to get to my island my game ran into a string error , (java error with the server) and I feel through last thing I saw when I had logged back in was bedrock being the deep dark. When i logged back in, i returned to the deep dark via portal to find that grave marker was still 194 meters below.

Lost items: many things that will i will likely not get back due to no admin support on 2.5.


PS screenshot exceeds maximum size for attachment, though i do have it.

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I highly recommend using /is home to get to your island instead of going through the portal to avoid these kind of issues. Again, I sadly do not have the permissions to do an inventory rollback, you'll need a higherup to do that for you. I'll leave the topic open for further comments or for a higherup to close it when they have done the inventory rollback.

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