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stealing and attempted griefing (souvit)


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In-Game Nickname: (souvit)

Time and date: not exactly sure as i was offline so had to have been around 12/16/2020 1am to 8am EST

Description of what happened: (stole from our clan chests in our clan home he stole stacks of dragon scales and bones and enchanted books and food and golden apples and xp books and left our clan as i tried to remove him but he already left also tried greifing our clan home but luckily i didnt give him building permission only permission to chests and doors i know he tried griefing because our statues of dragons were all destroyed and duplicated everywhere)

Screenshots or Proof: i was offline when he stole everything i have no screenshots but if you role back my claim you will see everything in the chests then now there is most good things gone which is proof he stole because he left the clan too after he stole 

List of eyewitnesses:  Slov3s and also im not sure but Hank_30 might have been on at the time he isnt online right now so im not sure if he saw it 

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Slov3s told me souvit joined another clan and destroyed everything
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