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[Refund request] CptDishonored


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Your Name: CptDishonored_
Item Name + ID + Amount: greater stone of interia and a stack of nether stars
                                           2)a stack of nether stars
                                              golem helmet [Le Caps] | adv mending| adv prot 4| unbreaking 3| aqua affinity| respiration 3| adv thorn 3|curse of possession 
golem chestplate [Dis Shirt] |adv mending| adv prot 4| unbreaking 3| adveanced thorn 3| strengthened vital 5|inner berserk 4|curse of possession 
                                              golem leggings [Dem Pants] |adv mending| adv prot 4| adv thorns 3| agility 2| evasion 2|curse of possession 
                                              golem boots [Zat Shoes] |adv thorn3 |adv prot 4| adv mending| high jump 2| light weight 3| adv feather falling 4| unbreaking 3|depth strider 3| magma walker2| curse of possession
                                              dragonbone axe[Assist of the ERROR]| adv eff 5| adv mending| reinforced sharpness 5| subject math 4|tunneling 2| smelter| unbreaking3| curse of possession
                                              elytra | unbreaking 3 | adv mending| curse of possession
                                              iced dragonboned longbow[Null]| adv mending |adv power 5| rapid fire 2|strafe 6| unbreaking 3|comat vet 3|rune arrow piercing 4| upgraded potentials| adv punch 2|supreme flame| curse of possession
                                              iced dragon bone rapier[
ERROR]|curse of possesion| parry 3| education 3| life steal 4| vampirism 2| unbreaking 3| luck magnification2| subject pe 5| penetration 5 | viper 5|adv mending | adv looting 3| fire aspect 2|supreme sharp 5|arc slash 3| swifter slashes 5|tune:piercing cap 4|true strike|atomic deconstruction 2|envenomed 5|combat veterancy 3|true strike| purging blade|upgraded potential|difficulty's endownment 5|curse of possession

                                              Dragonbone pickaxe [Ma Pik] |tunneling max|adv eff 5| adv mending |versality |unbreaking 3|smelter | curse of possession | 

                                            Healthy shield of honor(undying) 

                                            Healthy dwarf ring (undying) 

                                            Healthy regen ring (undying) 

                                            Healthy stone of the sea (undying) 

                                            Healthy ankh charm (undying) 

                                            Healthy dragon's eye (undying) 

                                            Healthy stone of greater interia (undying) 

Totem of undying (healthy) x3

Yellow shulker box full of diamond tipped arrow

Black shulker with 2 or 3 stacks of netherstar, 1 stack and like 13 iced dragon blood, 2 stacks of fire dragon blood and 4 stacks of glass bottles. 

Base Coordinates: -3380 117 1567

Description of Issue: i was gonna go and reforge my gsoi and the server suddenly closed saying "server closed", without even saying a restart time and my gsoi and nether stars are in the regorging station when i come back on they are gone.
2) the inv rollback got corrupted so i use refund.

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