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Fly Hacker (ToastyMami)


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In-Game Nickname: ToastyMami


Time and date: ~7:30 p.m. CST 1/3/2021


Description of what happened: So i tp to AbruptWord7619 to test my new sword as he let me and after a bit he tped away to do something and ToastyMami tp to me and wanted to show me something for reasons unknown to me, first he flew up which looked like it was a hacked client flight and than he proceded to build to what i could assume to be a lag and "godmode" mini machine, when he was building it Abrupt tped back to tell me how much my sword did to him and he possibly saw the machine, than a short while after ToastyMami finsihed it and turned it on and it slighty lagged the server and possibly gave him "godmode".


Screenshots or Proof:  Him flying: https://streamable.com/hncxp0
Him building the machine: https://streamable.com/ttrlxa


List of eyewitnesses: AbruptWord7619 might have saw the machine when it was being built but im not sure

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