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[Refund Request] CuzImFabian06

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Your Name: CuzImFabian06
Item Name + Amount: 3 Auto Crafter, 3 Ghast Seeds (Mystical Agriculture), 10 sprinkler, 3 harvester, 1 Upgradeable Combustion Gen with 20 Speed Modifiers (i think there were 20 inside), 10 item Cables (cyclic), 13 item extraction cables (cyclic), 2 blue mulch, 1 cow in a jar, 1 trash void. 
Coordinates:  I dont really know my coordinates, because its inside of a Compact Machine.
Description of Issue: I was in the compact machine and then i want back out and went offline. The next day I came online again and wanted to enter my Compact Machine, i got throwed out, with Wither effect before i was able to do anything. Since then im not getting inside my compact machine again and wont get my stuff back. 
Screenshots (Optional): I only have screenshots from the Machine: 


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