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[Refund Request] Kinetic1000


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Your Name: Kinetic1000
Item Name + ID + Amount: 1x Red Dragon Egg, 100 Dragon Meals (enough to get it to a t5)
Base coordinates: XYZ 2827.500 132.00000 -3947.50 in the aether (also coordinates of my /home)
Description of Issue: So I was near someone elses base, and I tried using my golden lasso to spawn my dragon, which was inside of it. When I tried to spawn it, (it wasn't in a claimed block) the dragon disappeared from the golden lasso, but it didn't spawn. Both me and the person who owned the base relogged and couldn't find it.
Screenshots (Optional: Screenshot of it being a t5 (you can't see it with the info thing, but it's the size of a t5.)unknown.png

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