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[Refund Request] Icy_Matcha


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Your Name: Icy_Matcha

Item Name + ID + Amount: 
Aurorian Steel Helmet    #13002          x1
Aurorian Steel Pants       #13003         x1
Aurorian Steel Boots       #13000         x1
Nihilite Ingot                    #6654           x3
Terrax Ingot                     #6612            x3
Creative Modifier            #8392/50      x9

Base coordinates:  -3637, -4841, 70

Description of Issue:  Heavy server lag caused Aurorian armor and a newly made Tinker's sword to disappear from inventory despite soulbound enchants. Full restart of client and attempted to fill and remove all items from inventory and they are still gone as of requesting this.

An inventory rollback to 6:35PM CST, Jan 14th, 2021 would possibly be fine as well.

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