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Rendering Distance

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    I am pretty sure this is a known issue, but wanted to bring it up and explain how it affects the modpack and gameplay. 

1- Mob spawn = Rendering distance is so low, that barely any mob spawn naturally. This remove around 70% of the modpack difficulty. It makes events like night, Rain, Rain with Thunder and blood moon, useless, since mobs wont spawn close to player, but player dont see far enough for mobs to spawn far from the player either.

2- Boss fights = Rendering distance also make it nearly impossible to follow/kill certain bosses. Bosses like the Ender Dragon for example. Due to how limited the player rendering view is, this bosses just pop on and out of your rendering distance, making them hard to track but also making it hard to avoid. They will pop up, hit you and disappear in seconds, sometimes even killing you before you could even see their name popping up. 

3- Kill all the thing quests = Due to how rarely a mob spawn, its nearly impossible to complete those quests. You could spend weeks before you manage to kill 10 zombies... Unless you have a zombie spawner. 

4- Mobs farm = While GM have express their dislike of mobs farms, this is an important future for alternative gameplays, specially on early tiers. Specially now that the pollution system is kind of broken and forces player to change the way they build or advance. Mob farms is a way to get some items that you could not get in other ways. 

5- Exploration = Due to the limited render distance the player has, exploration in some dimensions becomes more frustrating. In the end you find yourself floating in to nothingness not knowing if the map is not loading, or if is that there are no floating islands ahead. In the Nether you find yourself getting burn by lava falling from the sky, because it start rendering to close to you. It make it so hard to find a fortress too, because you cannot see it at the distance and you have to be literally on top of it to see it.

6- Dungeons = Because natural spawn gets disabled due to limited render distance, this make spawners spawn a LOT of mobs at once to reach the "mobs" limit. This make exploring dungeons that have spawners, impossible. The moment you find a dungeon and get close to a spawner, you are lucky if you get out of there alive, this is specially true in dimensions where there are not many people on, like the Twilight and The End.  

Overall, the rendering distance turns a hardcore modpack like this one in to a walk in the park in some cases or in to an impossible nightmare in others. It is something that should get fixed as soon as possible.


                                                                                                                                                                       Thanks for your time, Sincerely,


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I agree on what he said, when i was fighting the Ender Dragon, it was sooo frustrating to track the dragon because he was disappearing after a few seconds from passing me,

and about the mob spawn, its soo rare to see a mob around you.... even at night time.

so it would be better to increase the render distance :D.

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