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Inventory rollback request DJTSprinkles


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Your Name: DJTSprinkles
Coordinates: -2949, 64, 5541
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): January 24th 3:25 pm
Description of Issue: Went into a dungeon, was able to kill the first few gorgons, but my blindfold wasnt working (could still see my screen) and i got turned to stone. Due to the blindfold not working i died. Game issue
Screenshots (Optional): 

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Dragon's eye, ring of resistance and a ring of regeneration, fully upgraded tool belt, ankh shield, heavy arrow quiver, wrath pendant. I will need mats to reroll everything cause i was min maxed to hell. 

Armor i dont care about ive been wanting to change the scale color anyways, i just want the enchantments off the armor. Adv protection 4 on all pieces, advanced mending on all, magma walker 1, strengthened vitality 5, respiration 1, depth strider 2.

I had an ice dragon bone rapier with Sup sharpness 5, adv mending 5, lifesteal 2, rune: piercing capabilities 4, viper 2, upgraded potentials.

Had dragonbone axe, pickaxe, shovel, and hoe. Pickaxe had silk touch. 

Last thing would be a red dragon with dragon command staff, dragon horn, and flute. Some dragon meals would be appreciated to get him near where he was for age. 

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