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[Refund Request]*Rawrphy*


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Your Name: Rawrphy
Item Name + ID + Amount:  1 fairy ring (undying, hearty), 1 Dragon eye (undying, hearty), 1 stone of the sea (undying, hearty), Flame halberd (supreme sharpness V, Unbreaking III, advanced mending, curse of possession), Flame dragon bone bow (unbreaking III, advanced mending, advanced power V), 1 totem of undying (undying)
Base Coordinates: x: -390, z: 6140
Description of Issue: Making this post for Rawrphy because I had just made and sold items to them (with rerolls) and I know how to do the refund request.  Rawrphy was in a gorgon dungeon and it killed him.  He could not retrieve his items because he glitched and can't chat or respawn into the server. Friends with him tried to retrieve items but they despawned withing a few seconds.  Because of the glitch he could not retrieve his items.  
Screenshots (Optional): 

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