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[Island Rollback Request] Trymolle


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Your Name:  Trymolle
Island Owner Name:  Trymolle
Coordinates: 1266 -5894 65
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 01.10.2020
Description of Issue: I haven't joined to the server for a long period of time. After I had joined, I saw a lack of my wooden crates from Immersive Engineering. All of my sieving and sorting system with a lot of resources were gone or bugged.  I think that is sort of bugfixing issue because of bugging transparent unconnected pipes from Ender IO remained there. Hope someone can help me!

And my red furnace were gone too for some unknown reasons :D

P.S. Sorry if I seemed a little toxic, I'm just a little upset. Thx in advance)

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14 hours ago, D34DPlayer said:

Since there was a server migration between now and the time you requested, sadly we don't have backups from that time anymore.

Could you list the important items that got lost for them to be refunded manually?

15 Nether Stars 

3 stacks of nether's sceleton heads ( I have bought them on the player's market)

5 stacks of Ender IO item pipes ( 2 stacks were corrupted and need to be replaced ) 3+2

2 Advanced Red Furnace  ( I don't know exact name of them) (5954)

1 Endersman Seed ( 9734) (  I have bought it on the player's market)

1 or 2 Matter Transporter ( I have earned them from lootchests that I bought in reward market of the questbook) 

1 stack of 11131 

3 stacks of Ember Shards ( little ones )  

1,5 stacks of 12053 ( mb more ) 

1 Sluice Box (13875/0) //This one is not so important, but it gone too//


MB I fogot something important, but that's all that call to mind

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