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Refund Request


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Your Name: darius1034
Item Name + ID + Amount: 

1 Flamed Dragon Saber #5125 (Supreme Sharpness, Lifesteal 4,Advenced Mending)

1 Flamed Dragonbone -Strengthened Longbow #5136 (Advanced Power 5, Strafe 2, Range)

1 Dragon Scale Helmet #4567 (Mending)

1 Dragon Scale Chestplate #4568 (Advenced Mending)

1 Dragon Scale Leggings #4569 (Advanced Mending)

1 Tide Guardian Boots #4633 (Advanced Mending)
Base Coordinates: -4136 /5987
Description of Issue: User MrMcTasty killed me at the spawn with gorgon head and took all my stuff. Here is a topic about.

Screenshots (Optional): 

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