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[got stolen in block game/stealing] - thanks MrMcTasty


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In-Game Nickname: (Whomst I must be complaining about)



Time and date:

10:30-10:40am, 2/9/2021


Description of what happened: (In chronological order)

tp back to home (near spawn, coords of chests/barrels stolen -1027, 896), see the wo/man himself MrMcTasty looking at my chests, I thought he just found my base and were just exploring, until i check my chest and half my stuff is gone. I killed him and whined for a while, then left. I failed to compute that he could return with /back. He continued looting all of my base, leaving only the useless stuff. I were to complain in discord whilst not in my base about him stealing/spawnkilling (which I didn't believe earlier as I joined late but no one reported it *except for C_L_A, ask him about the stealing, he looked through his inv using a command that I do not remember but I did desire while I was looking at things to use with my paypal balance) , he was stealing. I then returned after around 2 minutes to see that he was stealing things in other parts of my chests, where I killed him again (two times). I quickly did a manly scream but in discord terms (https://discord.com/channels/226663534187118592/639023029522792448/808707386750533643), and then built a wall around, although he never returned. ASOOD quickly came on and banned him for spawnkilling. The items are a bit hard to list and a little useless as checking through server logs is probably faster and it would not make a good complaint in the description.


Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)

I have no proof, but there were many different accusations about him stealing/spawnkilling, hopefully that has a good impression of why s/he would do. The pictures will be just the chests that he stole from. I can't put chat logs as well because of not being able to scroll up for an indefinite amount, but I know that chat logs are a thing.


List of eyewitnesses: (They should but didn't make a post below)

I could not get an eyewitness as it required too much labour, and it would be unholy if I were to make alts.

Also thank you to the whole craftersland staff for making me type this much, I've never actually got motivation to do more on an essay.


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  • hexv changed the title to [got stolen in block game/stealing] - thanks MrMcTasty


MrMcTasty has already been banned due to violation of rule 2 - bypassing spawn protection. 

Since this can be considered as griefing, but looking at the facts and the whole situation that envelops this case, he was and is still trusted at your claim, which gives him full access to your private stuff.

I advise you to choose who to trust and who to give access to your claim.

As for your lost stuff, contact me on discord PapaMaoDONG#7018 and we'll sort it out.


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