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[Refund Request] ASOOD


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Your Name: ASOOD
Item Name + Amount: 

1x Cutting factory Controller (#1753/992), 2x input bus (LV), 1x output bus (LV), 1x input hatch (LV), 40x cutting factory frame, 2x IV energy hatch, 1x EV muffler hatch, 1x maintenance hatch, 1 duct tape (#6948/32764)

Maceration Stack Controller (#1753/797), 5x HV output bus, 1x EV input bus, 46x maceration stack casing, 1x EV energy hatch, 1x EV muffler hatch, 1x maintenance hatch, 1 duct tape (#6948/32764)

Processing Array (#1753/1199), 1x Advanced circuit assembling machine IV, 2x LV input bus, x1 LV output bus, 1x MV input hatch (was filled with molten soledring alloy which is 32000mb of it), 20x Robust tungstensteel machine casing, 1x IV energy hatch, 1x maintenance hatch, 1 duct tape (#6948/32764)

2x Large processing Factory (#1753/860), 18x LV input bus, 2x HV output bus, 1x EV energy hatch, 1x IV energy hatch, 1x MV input hatch (filled with 32000mb of molten epoxid), 30x multi-use casing, i had 13 Programmed circuit in the input buses, and: 1x Aer lens, 1x Green sapphire lens, 1x diamond lens, 1x endereye lens, 2x maintenance hatch, 2x duct tape (#6948/32764)

Hope i got everything here :D

Coordinates: My Base -2587, 54, -2696
Description of Issue: My machines disappeared, or my base got griefed. not sure from that but Rammah saw my base so I think he saw the machines that were there, there was a hacker which got banned, I think he griefed my base.
Screenshots (Optional): (nothing was Cross chunks) 






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