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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

A player(which I'll call attacker) who has recently died by fall damage with his newly hard worked tide armour and other things then the attacker just respawned and I was at spawn just roaming around then that attacker started hitting a player with max golem armour and had no chance since that player had burning thorns I guess then he started hitting me then I attack at self defense and killed him 2 times only if he hit me but I just killed attack for my hard worked tide armour's durability and my health was a bit damaged was kinda hit a lot since yesterday(yesterday of this post) when spawn killers which were also end spawn killers by knocking people to the void on their backs but luckly survived by self defense arrived punching my armour so its durability was damaged and then a judge named ASOOD told me "ASOOD:Mang0_Yummy. Me:what. ASOOD:You will be punished for this too. Me:why ASOOD:Becuase your spawn killing and i said stop. Me:But I did not see any message saying stop. ASOOD:You will have to make an unban appeal."But I was not fast enough to screenshot the conversation cuz my screenshot feature on my MacOS Catalina was a bit buggy because in Minecraft your mouse moves your screen and if you need to screen shot ill need to fix the screenshot portrait size using my mouse which result in it bugging out cuz Minecraft using my mouse to move my screen around then banned also during the "Spawn killing" had only 1gb of ram left since i have the google chrome, discord ,Activity Monitor(Shows All processes that my pc is doing) and RLcraft which I gave half of my system's ram to it.

[3] Ban Category:

Rule 2 - First offence - bug abuse (Spawn Killing)

[4] Ban Duration:

2 Days

[5] Staff Member:

ASOOD a judge

[6] ScreenShots:

Was not quick enough to screenshot it and it was buggy

[7] Your Reason:

Self Defense for my health and my armour's durability since yesterdays fight of 2 spawn killers and their also end spawn killers by knocking people to the void on their backs.

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