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refund rquest


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i died at 3623, z: 2423 time zone europe about 10pm 2021 month 02 day 19 

lost items: white dragon scale armor boots had depth strider 3 and fire protection 3, a flamed dragon bone strenghtened longbow enchantments strafe 2 advanced power 1 another pullspeed enchantment had lvl 2 unbreaking 3 had a legendary roll , flamed dragon bone rapier , i lost 3 exp tomes and a dragons eye stone of the sea two rings of regen vitamins and about 13 or 15 normal bows i wanted to enchant my bow so i had alot  and i had a red dragon lvl 3 i was flying it and it just had throwned me off and it vanished and it didnt fly away it just dissapeared

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