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[RLCraft] Refund request


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Your Name: _HungryPumpkin_
Coordinates: x:-2446 z:5871 y:60
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 10am/Europe/24th February 2021
Description of Issue: We were moving villager from raid to normal world but before i bought as much books of adv prot 2 as i could i filled shulkers with them and put in shulker 4x64 and 33 emeralds too. Server saved and it was about to restart and i took  shulker into inv and we moved to nether but server restared and when i join back i didnt have shulkers anymore and i wasnt able to do /back or use same portal cux it teleports me to diff world. I had even more things in them bud i just want my purple and black shulker and in black were 18 adv prot 2 and 4x64 and 33 emeralds.

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