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OP Iced Dragonbone-Strengthened Longbow


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I was playing on the server and long story short: Got scammed, got my items stolen, dragon eye held hostage for $2k (I bought it back but now I have almost no money). The main thing that I lost other than all my items and baubles is a Iced Dragonbone-Strengthened Longbow. The only thing that was special about it was the enchants:

  • Multishot III
  • Advanced Flame
  • Advanced Mending
  • Splitshot IV
  • Advanced Power V
  • Unbreaking III

If you are wondering, the player who did this IGN is "Vaplin". Vaplin also scammed/killed/abused several other players too.

Background Informattion:

I got the bow a few months ago. I traded it for an ankh shield or charm (don't remember) and have had it for a long time. 

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