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(TEMPLATE) Refund Request

Joe the gamer

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NAME:Josiah Paul (ingame name) Joe            sever-rlcraft   cordinates (i pressing f3 but the cords not showing)

item name +amount 1 golem chestplate enchanted with adv protection iv,strengthen vitality v unbreakingn 3 adv mending 5 and burning thorns 

the other item is 1 golem pants enchanted with adv protection 4 burning thorns 3 evasion 3 adv mending 5 and unbreaking 3        


i was going about my day crafting a flame dragon bone helbert whereas i discorved i was missing my chest piece(then i relloged)

when i relloged i say that my pants was missing now i began asking everyone about it and there said there have nvr heard of this glitch an i consulted AdmSirRed that you might know on the sever i worked very hard for does stuff i hope that you see it in your heart to give me an refund thank you .

-Josiah(Joe)                     _

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