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refund request


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i lost a shulker that had 27 full exp tomes in it i lost red dragon scale armor that had mending and prot 4 on each piece, iced dragon bone halber that had  upgraded petentials, mortalitas 8, supreme sharpness 4, advanced mending, unbreaking 3, curse of possesion, subject P.E 5, combat veterancy 3, parry 3, life steal 4, envenomed 3, penetration 4, rune piercing capabilities 4, advanced fire aspect 2, swifter slashes 5  and i lost flamed dragon bone longbow it had upgraded potentials power 5 multishot 3 strafe 6 rapid fire 2 range unbreaking 3 i lost dragons eye ankh charm ankh shield fairy ring regeneration ring totem of undying and thats about pretty much the important stuff that i lost

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