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[Buycraft Issue] Zaphod_965 - Claim Blocks Issues

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In game name: Zaphod_965

Proof of Purchase: Don't have. I purchased these ranks/kit long ago

Description of Issue: I only seem to have the extra 112 blocks from my premium rank. I'm missing the 80 from VIP and 160 from the Kit.

Date/Time of Purchase: Long ago - maybe 2 yrs

Items/Rank Bought: VIP + Premium + Extra Claim Blocks Kit

Screenshots (Optional): blocks.png.0c5a2083ffb91bc3b5095faa702092a9.png

Any other important information:

I think I am supposed to have at least 160 additional blocks from the extra blocks kit plus maybe another 80 due to upgrading from VIP to Premium but I'm not sure about that. Not saying I'll ever need all those but I'm thinking about another build and I might need some more than I have right now. I'm pretty sure I bought the extra blocks kit before the last wipe while I was waiting for my rank reactivation. Thanks, Z

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