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Vanilla Network Helper Application and Recruitment


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Join full server.
No AFK Kick.
Access to Staff Channels.
Can check others inventory and enderchest.
Check others balance.
Temp mute and Unmute.
Check ban history.
- At least 8 hours of server activity per week.
- Join the forums at least once a day.
- Knowledge of your server.
- You must be mature when dealing with situations and fixing problems. Think before you act.
- Excellent knowledge of the server rules.
- Capability to speak and understanding English properly. (Knowledge of other languages is also very useful)



Hello future applicants, I'm glad to hear that you are interested in joining the CraftersLand Staff team. We continue to look for improvements within our community to make it enjoyable and I assume this is one reason you are looking to apply! The Staff team is always interested and looking for players that are helpful and knowledgeable.

As the community grows to more servers, it is difficult to track and maintain applications over-time, therefore, we have chosen to use a Google Form to allow us to capture application responses in a more achievable logistical manner.

CraftersLand Vanilla Network Helper Applications are open, the applications will be reviewed monthly. Accepted applicants will be notified through discord on the main official discord (https://discord.gg/Tv3vXWezqq) during the first week of the month.

To complete this application please submit this form!

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