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Block Destroying Machines and Iron Block Chunkloaders are broken


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Machines like Actually Additions Farmer, Long range breaker and Industrial Foregoings Plant Gatherer do not break blocks/gather. 
I have tried Moving them, removing and placing and removing my claim. none of it works. Its set up as a Tree farm and a sugarcane farm. I dont know if there are others with this problem or not. 

Second up Iron Block Chunkloaders aren't working. You can place the block and right click with a blaze rod fine and the menu comes up but you cant click any of the options. 
I'm not alone with this problem.

- Krizzel  - Direwolf 1.12.2

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I was able to use the chunk loaders, and as we talked in game, the machines look to be working. However, in order to work inside a claim they must be added to the griefprevention block-place and block-break flags.

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