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[Refund Request]*Amorinda*


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Your Name: Amorinda
Item Name + ID + Amount: 

Coordinates: 4253, -2913, 64 overworld
Description of Issue: My base has been robbed, and instead of a roll back, this is about the amount I had from the most important things to continue. I also had an arrangement of all the ores, agricultural and mob drops, but I guess I'll get enough in the future.


10 omniquarters
25 omninickels
3 netherstars

steam dynamo
infinite water source nuclear craft
cef CEU
4 small batteries lithium Gregtech Community Edition
low voltage battery buffer 16slots Gregtech Community Edition

4 stacks iron ingots
2 stack diamond
32 lapis
4 stacks redstone dust
64 gold ingots
4 stacks coal
2 stacks copper
8 resonating redstone crystal
32 silver ingots
2 stacks tin ingots
32 zinc ingots
2 stack nickel ingots
32 lead ingots
2 stack wrought iron ingots

8 ghast tears
16 blazing rods
4 slime balls
4 enderpearls

Screenshots (Optional): 

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