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[Refund Request]WyntreBlossom

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[Refund Request]WyntreBlossom

Your Name:
 WyntreBlossom (Nickname Wyn)
Item Name + Amount: Advanced Inscriber, logic press, engineering press, silicon press, calculation press. (Four of each press, 5 advanced inscribers)
Coordinates: -26890 69 -25856
Description of Issue: So for some reason the server keeps eating my advanced inscribers. Its happened about 4 times now and Its getting really old having to make more and buy more presses from spawn every time. And im starting to run low on the money to re purchase the presses. When they poof, all the items in them poof too. Im not sure why it's happening, I've see islands with way more than mine. Ive also tried placing them without any upgrades (like acceleration cards) but they still get eaten. Ive recrafted and remade them, because i needed them for the cells i was working on, but im extremely over this. Its costing more each time to replace them. 
Screenshots (Optional): https://gyazo.com/7ec5699f3d8544c9c2e162622f56638a - photo of the inscribers on the most recent (4th time) they were yeeted by the server. 

Also: If anyone has any advice on how I can prevent the server from eating them I would gladly appreciate that advice <4

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