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[Refund Request] SoraTheUmbreon


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In order for our and your convenience, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your refund request topic.
For your topic name, use [Refund Request]*YourName*

Your Name: SoraTheUmbreon
Item Name + ID + Amount: iceandfire:dragonegg_green / #4456/0 / 1    ~    minecraft:name_tag / #0421 / 1    ~    iceandfire:dragonarmor_diamond / #4487/0 / 1    ~    iceandfire:dragonarmor_diamond / #4487/2 / 1    ~    iceandfire:dragonarmor_diamond / #4487/3 / 1    ~    iceandfire:dragonarmor_gold / #4486/1 / 1    ~    iceandfire:dragon_meal / #4488 / 10
Base Coordinates: -3177, ~, 140 (I don't know the proper Y coordinate because when I go to /claimlist it says Y=0 and that just ain't true.)
Description of Issue: I was at spawn and needed to give my baby dragon armor so I tried to let him out of his horn and he was poof- gone. This was my child. It was a male green fire dragon with the name tag "Green Bean" and was no more than 30 days old max. I had used a lot of dragon meals and especially all my diamonds on him and he had a diamond helmet, chestplate, and tail as well as a gold neck. I still have the horn but it is empty and I do have testimonies from players who saw the dragon in person and gave me the egg if needed. This dragon was my son and I loved him so much ;-; I have played less than 24 hours on the server and the dragon was a gift and this crushed me. Please help!!!
Screenshots (Optional): None :( I only had him a few hours since I only just joined this morning. I do have multiple witnesses as needed.

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