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[Refund Request]*Cataclysm_Cat*


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Your Name: Cataclysm_Cat
Item Name + ID + Amount: 1 fairy ring (undying, hard), 1 dragon eye (undying, hard), 1 regeneration ring (undying, hard)
Base Coordinates: x: 711, z:-397
Description of Issue:  Turtleboi182 teleported to xxgboygamerxx and was accidentally killed by FuManChu29.  Immediately went back and tried to get his stuff but it all despawned (within literally 3 seconds) to clear lag wipe.  He is not able to do a refund request so I supplied the items so he wouldn't have to wait for the request and wouldn't die again.
Screenshots (Optional):   No screenshots, but witnesses include: Turtleboi182, xxgboygamerxx, FuManChu29, and myself. 

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