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Refund Request, ToastyMami

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Item Name + ID + Amount: Golem Helmet #4171 X1. Dragon Bone #4471 X24. XP. Pride Pendant #4237 X1.  Potion Ring of Regeneration #4205/1 X1. Diamond Chestplate #0311 X1. Diamond Leggings #0312. Diamond Boots #0313 X1. Diamond-Strengthened Crossbow #4822 X1. Diamond Bolt #4878 X128. Potion Ring of Strength #4205/1 X1.
Base Coordinates: No base. Not sure of any owned land.
Description of Issue: I used suicide command in spawn to reset my temperature and I dropped all of my items. When I returned back, my items despawned within a 7 second timeframe. 
Screenshots (Optional): None.

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