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[Complaint] 3Alaa


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In-Game Nickname: 3Alaa


Time and date:2021. 07. 31 ( 7:24:23AM(UTC+0)), Today (09:28AM(UTC+0))


Description of what happened: On 2021. 07. 31, He blows up draconic Reactor in front of my house to distroy alveary with lava.

he said that he was doing something else at that time, but here is the screenshot that he was there.


In addition, he facked out today, at first, he said I need primordial pear to close rift and I need one pear each of one rift , but as you can see on the second screenshot, he changed his word that I need causiality collapser to close rift, and to make causiality collapser, I need pear.

But I found out the pear does not needed to make causiality collapser . he lied


Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/5vy9eti



List of eyewitnesses: Elichell

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