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[Command Request] ASOOD


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Account Name: ASOOD

Rank: Sponsor +

Requested Commands: 
essentials.weather (/weather)
essentials.time (/time set)
essentials.repair (/essentials:repair)
essentials.speed / essentials.speed.fly / essentials.speed.walk (/speed <fly/walk>)
essentials.teleport.timer.bypass + essentials.teleport.cooldown.bypass.tpa (to bypass the 2 seconds wait time)

Reason for Request: all requested commands will be used to have fun on the server :P
weather: I don't like rain 😅
time: a lot of mobs spawns around my base in nighttime, which will cause server lag and tps drop.
(I'll ask the other online players before I change the time or the weather)

others are just for fun 

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